Nick Bailey
Engine Tuning 
Engine Maintenance
Skuzzle Motorsport Website
Thank you Skuzzle Motorsport I would just like to say a big thank you to Nick Bailey, the owner of Skuzzle Motorsport, for all their help and support over my 2017 season with Fueltopia Barrel Sprint and Formula G. Nick and his team tuned and maintained my car, when I had teething issues. Nick quickly resolved my problem and enabled me to participate and compete in the next event! Skuzzle are currently building me a new engine for the 2018 season - thanks you so much Nick.
Spencer Peacock
Thank you to Nankang Tyres for giving me a great discount on all tyres purchased. They have made a massive improvement in performance and have fantastic grip. They are not only a fast tyre, but I have gained confidence with the tyre as Nankang tyres do the job lap after lap, coping with uneven track surface and giving me the consistently fast lap times often in wet driving conditions.

An incredible racing tyre, which I can personally recommend. Nankang Tyres are an outstanding company with great customer service and we are looking forward to our 2018 season together. 

A massive thank you to EBC Brakes for their continued support, without you guys I’d struggle to stop the power of my Turbo MX5 Mk1.

EBC gave my car the best product replacement sport race brake pads. I now have high friction from a cold start and require no warm up. The pads are a high friction pad, which was also heat resistant. 

An all-round performance winner and all the components are quality made and have never let me down.

Thank you EBC for also the great advice with helping me choose the correct set-up for my car, I have gained great experience from your expertise.   

Radiators, Car Parts
Mishimoto Website
Parts to be confirmed
Mike Newland
Coach, Support
Adolescent Dogs Website
Most helpful driver on the grid for 2017 for me. Offered me so much driver tuition and filled me with ideas on how to improve the car. Mike has also helped with incredible photography and videography.

Adolescent Dogs are the leading specialists of Residential Dog Training in the UK Fast, effective & proven training for puppies and adult dogs. 

Your dog can achieve training success and long term results in less than 4 weeks via residential dog training. Deciding who to trust with your beloved family dog is a tough decision to make. 

  • Our team of trainers offer a caring, secure, positive and safe family environment.          
  • Home boarding in a secure, positive and safe family environment 
  • Team of caring, professional trainers, matched to your individual dog 
  • Training out on location for realistic results 
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  • Tailor-made dog training programmes 
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  • Buy a fully trained puppy from us 
  •  Puppy Training Classes in Guildford 
  • Our trainers are based in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, London, Cambridge, Shrewsbury and Dorset.We have clients travel to us from all over the UK and Europe. 
  • Nationwide collection available. 
  • Over 1,300 videos featured on YouTube show success with thousands of dogs 
Mark Young

JAPS Motorsport
JAPS Motorsport Website
JAPS Motorsport have very kindly offered their services to make the car as light as possible. They have built me a tubular front end to help increase airflow and to aid working area and space for a different engine in the future.
Louise Peacock
Website, Marketing
Graphic Design
Louise Peacock Creative Website
What can I say about my step mum, she is incredible - she has helped me so much with everything marketing, graphic design and website - thank you so much.

Support on and 

off the track
Spencer Peacock Racing
What can I say about my Dad, he is tenacious - he has helped me so much with my motorsport career - thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Performance oil
Dynolite Oil Website
Thank you for providing me with Dynolite oil I am really grateful.
HEL Performance
Braided clutch and brake lines

Hel Performance Website
HEL have been fantastic and have provided me with braided clutch and brake lines. These have been amazing and you can 100% feel the difference.

Motorsport race and track bushes

Powerflex Website
Powerflex Bushes have been fantastic they provide ultimate performance motorsport track and race bushes offering the most precise and accurate alignment for your chassis. Thank you so much.
David Gardener Photography
Delta Pixels Website
Thank you DELTA PIXELS I would just like to say a big thank you to David Gardener, of Delta Pixels, for providing me with amazing photography to use for my social media and marketing. I am really grateful for your support over my 2017 season with Fueltopia Barrel Sprint and Formula G. We are now gearing up for the 2018 season and excited to see the excellent new photography shots that David and Delta Pixels will capture. Spencer Peacock
KA Productions
Photography and car design
Kamen Angelov Instagram
The modified car community and the motorsport community need more people like Kamen Angelov! Kamen is 15 years old in year 11 at school. This guy is such a massive influence to other people his age.
Kamen is the local car club photographer. He also helps local car businesses in his own time. He makes wicked videos for complete wrapped cars and car events he goes too. Seriously impressive for a 15 year old!
I went to kamen and asked him to design a livery for my race car. His first edit I was sold on! This was his first car design and a few days later it was on my car! Top work Kamen!!
Thank you Kamen Angelov for your support through 2017. and all the time and effort that you put in to designing my car livery.  I am looking forward to working with you in 2018,
Chris Kuhl
Surrey Vinyl Wraps
Surrey Vinyl Wraps
Chris, you have been great this year, thank you for providing me with the paint and wrap for my car.

Surrey Vinyl Wraps Vinyl Wrapping | Vehicle Wrapping | Wheel Refurbishment | Window Tinting | Light Tinting And More.

Wheel Refurbishment
Price varies
SVWraps, not only do we understand the care needed in your car, but so do your wheels, we offer a professional service on our wheel refurbishment and strive to beilive it’s makes your car stand out!

Vinyl Wrapping
Price varies
At SVWraps, we take pride in our work using vinyl from brands from all over the world, with reputable brands and our successful experience, we are sure you won’t look back.
Andy Smith

Clean Your Ride
Clean Your Ride Website
Thank you for providing me with detailing product to keep my car in great shape for each event - It keeps Me and my Dad busy!
Race Event 
Fueltopia FBS Website
Thank you for producing such a great event - I just love it.
Formula G
Race Event

Fueltopia FormulaG Website
Thank you for producing such a great event - I just love it. Spencer Peacock
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