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What is Gymkhana?

The History

Making its international debut at X Games in Los Angeles in 2013, Gymkhana GRiD is all about speed and precision. Open to all those who dare to compete against other petrol heads in their own specially modified cars.

Gymkhana GRiD Course

The Gymkhana GRiD course itself features obstacles associated with the many sponsors of the series including a giant race seat, plus cones, tyres, barrels and a K-rail; which the drivers manoeuvre around with the least amount of mistakes. 

Drivers must perform reversals, 180-degree spins, 360-degree spins, parking boxes, figure 8s and other advanced manoeuvres. Drifting is also encouraged where helpful or necessary.

The head-to-head rounds comprise of two runs, with competitors seeded according to their individual qualifying times. The slower driver will be eliminated, with the quicker driver progressing through to the next round. The eventual winner of each class will take on the head Hoonigan in Charge Ken Block (AWD) and his chosen pro team mate (RWD) at the last races of the event.
A true motorsport without rival, Gymkhana GRiD’s blends drifting, drag racing, and physical driving skill with mental agility.


The Fueltopia Barrel Sprint 
Fueltopia Barrel Sprint is a simple 100m drag race but with 3 barrels in the way. The driver must complete a full 360 around a barrel and must complete at least one of them in the oppoisite direction. The race is split in two halves,

one driver in the left lane, and one driver in the right lane, and the race is head to head with a drag racing timing system and lighting system.

The 2017 season was fantastic, the Fueltopia staff were amazing, helped me so much and welcomed me to the “Fueltopia family” on my first test day. The drivers were equally as helpful. Everyone helps everyone and the atmosphere is great. I really welcome anyone to come try this form of racing. Its grassroots but also a semi-professional championship and you can literally race in any car!

 and then there is .... Formula G

Fueltopia’s newest event which is in its second season, Formula G. This Gymkhana event uses skills learnt on the FBS track and culminates them with a whole host of other obstacles and a mirrored track that drivers must learn in order to progress onto the afternoon battles. The drivers must use the mornings practice session to memorise the track layout on both sides of the track before heading into the afternoon qualifying and head to head battles. Seconds are added for hitting any obstacles and DNFs given for taking the wrong track line and not stopping in the stop box. With both track sides added together one mistake on one side doesn’t always mean it’s all over! Battles find our top 3 across all 4 classes adding vital championship points to the championship table.

and finally, the 
European Burnout Championship

 In 2017 
I came 2nd place in the European Burnout Championships 
and became 
vice champion of Europe 
for EBC!!

We would love to be in a partnership with you . . . 

This is a fantastic opportunity for both partners/sponsors 
to work together closely to help develop Spencer. 

Spencer is a talented young driver and we are excited 
for the forthcoming 2018 season and beyond. 

Be part team to help and creative a winning race car. 

During the season we will be working in unison to work on a project 
to produce a newer body competitive race car, which will be the first step forward 
to help bring a new car manufacturer into this fast growing race series.

Here are 3 reasons why you should form a partnership 
with Spencer Peacock

Increase your company’s perceived Image
 Public perception of your brand will grow. By sharing the spotlight, you can gain the respect and credibility of your target market.

Fueltopia Barrel Sprint / Formula G These are the UK championships for gymkhana and they are a great way to compete against the drivers that will go on to the finals at the end of each season. The spectator numbers at each round vary heavily but 2-3 times each year the events take place alongside large car shows with spectator numbers of between 10,000 and 32,000 people depending on the show.
Brand recognition
Frequency breeds familiarity, and the more exposure you get, the more your brand will be liked. - Your logo will be seen at all events that Spencer races as well on the website and social media.
Partnership is affordable
Partnership is a great way to get your business out there and be seen by a large audience. You’ll be hitting a lot of birds with one stone, saving you time and valuable resources. - It is not all about money, it may be a product for the car or a good discount for items that are required. In return you get great exposure to a network of potential customers.

Here is what we can offer you!

Exposure to millions 
of potential customers!


With a variety of partnerships available (depending on specific requirements), Spencer offers a range of benefits to all partners no matter what level of investment they can provide. While the specific assets will vary depending on the investment, a partnership with Spencer will typically provide a range of assets from the following:


Your logo could be on the footer of every page on and seen by every visitor who clicks in to the site. We invite you to provide your Hi resolution logo. 


On the website as a respected partner, you could also have a dedicated section just for you. We invite you to provide the editorial that you would like us to use, which will give you a great opportunity to promote yourself and your product/business and once approved it will be uploaded along with your Hi resolution images, logo, photo. 


We can also put a link to your website and/or embed a video (we ask you to provide the embedded link for this).


You will also feature in blogs and a shout out, thanking you for your support for Spencer Peacock Racing, which will be shared with social media, promoting you and giving you positive social media coverage. 


Spencer is the youngest, UK licensed competitor for Formula G (GYMKHANA) and for Fueltopia Barrel Sprints. 
He has one season under his belt and has made quite an impression already coming 6th in his first season without support. Spencer is absolutely passionate about motorsport and your support will impact and help develop his motorsport career further, which would be so appreciated. 


Visual branding space on both Spencer’s car and his race suit that will be seen in media photography throughout the industry as well as in media articles reaching an infinite market of potential customers. We would invite you to provide the graphic for this.


Word of mouth also goes a long way in motorsport – with positive feedback your support will be acknowledged, wherever possible.


The opportunity to create bespoke content in line with partner marketing programs.


To use your editorial, logo, photography and videos etc. we will need your email consent giving us permission to use it on the above. 


This year the global livestream hitting a record 2.3 million views across social media. As you can see we can offer a great amount of exposure that is priceless. 
If you would like to talk to us about a partnership with Spencer please contact us. 

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