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5 Oct 2017

Very happy with EBC Brakes at Fueltopia Barrel Sprint!

Spencer Peacock is feeling very happy after coming away with a 5th place finish when he competed at Round 5 of Fueltopia Barrel Sprint at Santa Pod Raceway on Sunday 1st October 2017.
Here is Spencer’s write up of the event:

Sunday 1st of October 
Saw Round 5 of Fueltopia Barrel Sprint at Santa Pod Raceway.
A very cold and wet morning had us changing set-up straight away for the slick, wet surface. We started the morning with a few slow practice runs to scrub in the new tyres and warm up the car. Throughout the morning the track was changing – we changed our set-up a few times until we dialled in a solid set-up.

The car was feeling great late morning and we were 6th quickest car overall throughout practice!

With the car feeling perfect towards the end of practice we decided to take a break to prevent contaminating our tyres from the cars leaking oil on track.

After the one hour lunch break we went straight into qualifying; two runs in the right lane followed by two runs in the left lane.
The anxious wait before the qualifying results is always nail biting, waiting to see where we came against the seasoned drivers!!

We are called to the podium area to hear the qualifying results. 

Only the top 16 go through – we made it into the top 16! We then were told we made it into the top eight! Just missing out on the top four we qualified 5th!! 

This was our best result of the season so far, with 1,000th of a second between 3rd, 4th and 5th it was incredibly close.

After qualifying we go straight into the battles. Our first battle was against a Supercharged Mk1 Ford Escort. This battle was a win for us and we were incredibly proud of how the car handled.

Battle two was for the top four finish, I was up against another Turbo MX5. This battle was very very close. With the other driver getting lane choice I was given the left hand lane which had been slower all day due to standing water. 

A great launch had us in 1st place up until the second barrel. Powering out of the second barrel I had no choice but to go through the standing water. 

With wet tyres and a wet surface, I had to brake slightly earlier than wanted which gave the other driver an advantage – he took the win leaving the last barrel.

With that we were knocked out of the battles and our weekend was over. Ecstatic to finish so high and knowing our car is more capable than ever, we can’t wait until the final round at Santa Pod Raceway on the 14th October.

A massive thank you to EBC Brakes for the continued support, without you guys I’d struggle to stop the power of my Turbo MX5 Mk1.


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